Helen + Josh

“From this day forward our thoughts and actions will be for each other…our plans   mutual, our joys and sorrows shared as we become one in Christ.”


These eloquent words greeted guests on the order of service as they took their seats to enjoy the beautiful union of Helen and Josh and watch these two love birds say “I do” to begin a life together as Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins.

Josh and Helen’s fall wedding was at historic Callanwolde. The crisp, fall air was refreshing for the outside ceremony in Callanwolde’s Amphitheater.  As guests began to walk down the grass covered stones to their seats, a three piece orchestra softly played angelic music. The stone stage was decorated with two gorgeous bouquets opposite of each other. Each bouquet was bursting with white and red roses that were so bright they were seen from the entrance of the Amphitheater. 

The ceremony began at 4:20 PM. One by one the bridesmaids walked down the stone path to the stage. They walked with such poise it was as if they floated down the stairs. Their walk and deep red dresses matched the tone of the wedding—elegance and grace. After the bridesmaids finished walking, all eyes turned to the top of the stairs. Helen emerged from the beautiful tall trees, hand in hand with her father. Smiling from ear to ear, she gracefully walked down the aisle and there was not a dry eye in the Amphitheater. She looked beautiful and serene in her white dress and Josh’s face said it all when their eyes locked— happiness. The couple exchanged their vows and sealed their forever with a kiss.

Following the ceremony, guests walked up the stairs to enjoy cocktail hour at Callanwolde’s Front Patio. The patio décor matched the elegance of the ceremony. There were high boys outside draped with white linens. The centerpieces were tiny tree trunks topped with a white candle inside a bronze lantern. Guests mingled and enjoyed the open bar, both inside and outside. Inside was a beverage table for coffee, water and a whiskey barrel with Josh and Helen’s wedding date and last name, Hopkins, engraved on the wooden barrel.

While guests enjoyed cocktail hour, the Courtyard, where the reception would take place, transformed into its own special ceremony. Helen and Josh not only blended their two lives together that day, but cultures as well. Helen is Korean and in Korean weddings a scared tradition takes place- Pyebaek. A Pyebaek is a tea ceremony where the bride and groom are surrounded by only family members. The couple drinks tea from both cups for their future of unity together.

Helen and Josh wore traditional Korean attire and the décor for the ceremony was picturesque with color penetrating the room. A wooden divider was the back drop painted with birds perched on branches and flowers. The wooden table, draped with a red and blue table cloth was the centerpiece. The table was covered with treats and other traditional food for the ceremony. Part of the ceremony is to have dates and chestnuts for the couple to eat to symbolize healthy children. As the couple drank their tea and ate the chestnuts, it felt like another presence in the room as Helen and Josh blended their families together— a presence of respect and admiration for one another. It was magical.

Once the ceremony concluded the doors opened for the reception. The reception’s ambiance exuded more elegance and grace. The tables were draped with clean white linens and each table either had a small wooden trunk with poppy flowers in a vase or tall twigs intertwined with white orchids as the centerpieces. White flowers entangled the lavish greenery for the head table and two white block signs with “Mr. and Mrs.” written for the newlyweds decorated the table.

After the bridal party made their entrance, the crowd cheered and clapped as Helen and Josh gallivanted into the ceremony holding hands as Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins. Following the first dance, it was time to eat! Embracing both of their cultures, there were two food rooms. One served American food and the other served Korean food. The reception continued with laughs, cheers and a toast that filled Helen’s eyes with tears of joy.

The night continued with dancing, a garter and bouquet toss and love floating in the air.

We are so fortunate we were able to be a part of Helen and Josh’s magical night. Thank you for entrusting us with your vision.

Happy Engagement, Happy Planning


Venue: Callanwolde Fine Arts Center | Wedding Planner & Coordinator: Rebecca Niccole Weddings | Floral + Décor: Sean O'Keefe Events | Photographer: Craig Obrist  | Videographer: Brandon Andrews | Caterer: Zest Atlanta Catering | Cake: Mozart Bakery  | Hair: Sandra Restrepo | Makeup: Sarai Mateo | Dress: Wedding Angels

To Up Do or Not Up Do

As you scan the internet and magazines for your perfect hairstyle on your big day, you’re faced with many choices: updo, half-up/half-down, curls, a bun and more. We want our brides to look and feel their best, as they get ready to say “I do,” so we compiled a list of different hair style inspirations for long and short hair to help you choose. As a bonus, we also have an insightful interview from Christine Pay, owner and artist of Brushworx, one of our preferred vendors who gives her advice on wedding day hair. 

Q & A with  Christine Pay: Brushworx

 RNW: What are some tips brides can use to prepare their hair before being styled for their wedding day?

 CP: A few months before it's a good idea to start focusing on hair condition. Make sure you are using good shampoo and conditioner and getting regular trims. Have your color touched up about one week before the wedding, so that you don't have any regrowth . On the wedding day, wash and condition your hair. Be sure your conditioner does not contain any silicone products; that can make it difficult to hold a curl. Also, do not flat iron it if you want a style with curl or body.

 RNW: How long should brides and bridal parties expect for hair to be completed from beginning to end?

 CP: It takes about thirty to forty-five minutes for each service on bridesmaids. Example- hair and makeup would be 1 - 1/2 hours. Brides are usually given one hour per service but can be done in forty-five minutes if needed. We like to add extra time so that everything is perfect and the bride feels pampered!

 RNW: Your company has several members on its team. How does the selection process work for brides to select their hair stylists? 

 CP: We speak with each bride to get to know her and her unique likes and needs. Then we place her with the artist that will be her best fit for both style and personality.

 RNW: Does the stylist do both hair and makeup? 

 CP: Yes, all of our 14 artists do both hair and makeup.

 RNW: What are some of the latest hair trends, short and long hair, brides want for their wedding day? 

 CP: The softer, undone styles and Hollywood waves continue to be popular, but lately we are seeing a return to classic glamour reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.

 RNW: Lastly, what would you like our readers to know about Brushworx? 

 CP: That when our brides or clients come to us it's all about You! We know that every ones needs, likes and concerns are different and we treat each person with the utmost respect and always listen. We strive to bring our professionalism and friendliness into everything we do.

Long Locks

Floral Designs

Updo Designs

Half-Up/ Half- Down for Short Hair 

Styles for Pixie Cuts

Make sure to visit www.brushworx.net to book your hair and makeup appointment for your upcoming wedding day!

Happy Engagement, Happy Planning