The Gwinnett Georgia Bridal Show

Providing brides with a full wedding package has become a priority for Rebecca Niccole Weddings. During the Gwinnett Georgia Bridal Show we paired up with Enlightened Expressions, a safe and effective teeth whitening vendor, to help provide brides and grooms with a package combination that includes teeth whitening and wedding planning/coordinating services. As one of Atlanta's newest wedding planners, we strive to provide our clients with the best vendors regardless of their budget. The vendors typically at the top of a brides list ranges from florists, decor suppliers, caterers or coordinators; often times they forget about the smaller details, like their pearly whites.

Throughout your wedding day you will be the centerpiece of hundreds of photos. Your smile will be captured in time and reflected on for years to come. To help every bride and groom achieve pearly white smiles that they can be proud to show off, Rebecca Niccole Weddings has paired up with Enlightened Expressions. During the Gwinnett Georgia Bridal Show, we were able to debut the partnership while explaining the great benefits of using Enlightened Expressions.

Unlike their competitors, Enlightened Expressions uses a unique formula that cleans underneath the gums and in between the teeth to ensure a whiter smile. In one session, the whitening formula will make your smile two to eight shades brighter without the painful sensitivity found in over the counter teeth whitening kits.

Providing a personal testimony ensures that Rebecca Niccole Weddings can fully endorse a vendor. Having undergone the process, we can certify the teeth whitening experience is relaxing, quick and effective. The twenty-five minute treatment will leave you in awe with the results!

Enlightened Expressions offers an exceptional bridal package that cannot be beat. You can book a teeth whitening event for your bridal party hosted in the comfort of your own home. When you book a party of four or more, you will each receive fifteen percent off your services. If you are planning a luncheon, bachelorette party or simply a night out with your bridal party, make sure to book Enlightened Expressions before the festivities for a turnout that is even brighter than before!

Make sure to check out Enlightened Expressions at to find out how to make your day a little brighter.

Happy Engagement, Happy Planning

Rebecca Niccole